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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekly Hobby Update: 2/25/12

I'm still in a bit of a doldrum in regards to the hobby productivity. Though I was able to finish putting together my Swooping Hawks and that Female Striking Scorpion Exarch.  Both units are primed and waiting for paint. Have a few paint schemes in mind for both units; next week I'll have some rough color schemes up for critique.

For a bit of eye candy here is a photo of my Fire Dragon squad. Still trying to think of a fluffy name for the unit, maybe something like "Shrine of the Relentless Flame."

Cheers,   Aberrant

Edit: I forgot to mention this when I first published this post. 

The female Striking Scorpion model is the Chapter house studio's Armana'serg Scorpion Warrior Priestess. I am really liking the model, its a good alternative/addition to the Games Workshop Striking Scorpions Exarch. I'll give more feedback on it as soon as it's finished being painted.

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