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Call me Aberrant. This blog is about my Miniature Wargaming hobby.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hobby Update 3/9/2012: WIP Swooping Hawks and Rummaging through the Dumpster

A little bit of progress these last two weeks with my new unit of Swooping Hawk aspect warriors. The picture below is of the miniatures painted with one base color+highlights and washes.

Originally I started to use some color sheets to give me an idea of what paints I wanted to use; but after one frustrated draft I realized it was just inhibiting my progress. So I switch over to the color scheme designer website.

Overall I am pleased with the results so far. Then next two predominate colors are going to be a rich violet and a pale grey. I am a little concerned the saturated hues are going to clash with the dark brown bases, but I have a have an idea that might soften the impact. 

The tittle is a bit of a misnomer as I didn't go searching through and waste bin; I was however able to salvage enough parts to make myself a figure case. The above photo is about a two months of causal perusal at the "trash areas" at my work. Basically all it took was an old sony computer case, and a fortunate foam discovery. The hardest part was just chopping up the foam and gluing it together, luckily I had all of the right tools.

While it is not ascetically pleasing, it is doing a great job holding my randomly acquired roleplaying miniatures. I've estimated that it can carry about 60 miniatures if I excluded large and unusual models. I am even finding the foam to be a bit stiffer than the product in the GW cases. 

One last note I've decided to post every two weeks instead of every friday. (Not that you can really notice.) All of my hobby contributions have been a bit piecemeal; by condensing it I'm hoping to have something a bit more appetizing. 

(That last sentence made me hungry for canned soup.)