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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kill Team Training

I was able to get in a few games with my friend Yubari last week. As he is new to tabletop wargaming I though we would try something lighter than a normal game of Warhammer 40,000. We played using the very old 4th edition Kill Team rules. He took the role of a Chaos Space Marine Kill team against my Eldar Craftworld brute squads.  
Chaos Space Marine Kill Team Set-Up
Kill Team Roster: Chaos Space Marine Renegades

Vargulf Longhand, the former Space Wolf: Aspiring Champion with ift of mutation & combi-melta.

N'Kan, the disgraced Salamander :  Chaos Space Marine with meltagun

Hathor, the abhorred Black Templar :  Chaos Space Marine with Heavy Bolter and chainsword

Sargul, the hated Son of Dorn:  Chaos Space Marine with chainsword

Ezra, the despised Dark Angel:  Chaos Space Marine with chainsword

Caletor, traitor of the Ultramarines:  Chaos Space Marine with chainsword

Acamas, betrayer of the Imperial Fists: Chaos Space Marine with chainsword

That equipment with the usual armament and equipment that comes with Chaos Space Marines. I opted for a fairly basic Kill-Team composition, so he wouldn't have to worry about too many rules.

Eldar brute squad set-up

Unfortunately the terrain is a bit lackluster due to the fact that I don't really have a gaming set up at my new place. Substituted books, boxes and other containers to be used as city fight terrain.

An Eldar Guardian brute squad.

I've set up the each games to be linked in a four game linear campaign. Here's the brief narrative for each one.

Mission One: Vargulf must lead his renegades through a ravaged Imperial city. His primary objective is to meet up with the leader of various cult cells. Eldar forces sweep the countryside looking to intercept the team before they can reach the informant.

Informant contacted: mission success.

Mission Two: Escort The Chaos Marines have successfully made contact with the cult leader and learned about the region. They must now escort the leader as he goes from hab to hab, as he rallies the various citizens to the cause of Chaos.

2 out of 6 habs reached: mission failed.

Vargulf reaching the cultist informant.

Due to these games, I have realized is that Kill-Team is such a great way of teaching the game. It's very easy to create a thrilling narrative that can keep players interested. Plus the size of the games means less rules to worry about initially; and gives more immediate results.

Next post will be more game photos, and hopefully (time permitting) some actual hobby progress.